We are a couple of ladies, old friends who have been sewing for many, many years.

Eugiene is a primary school teacher, with a desire to make childrens clothing and be creative.


Debbie is a business woman, entrepreneur and sewing trainer for Grace Aid. During one of her training sessions, the ladies asked for patterns to sew panty pads and nappies, which they could sell to make a living. That started a journey of discovery and opened up the world of washable cloth nappies. There was much being done in the United States, but here in South Africa there was little inroads into this area of need. The cloth nappies being made in SA, were using imported fabrics and made by Work at Home Moms(WAHM’S). Sourcing goods locally proved very difficult and tedious. One day Debbie chatted to a Textile Technologist who gave her links to companies she had done work for. The contacts worked and so the first order of fabric was delivered early in March 2017. Once the nappy pattern was designed and sizes were perfected training staff started.

Initially the ladies set about selling the nappies through contacts, on Facebook and at small local markets. The next step was to get exposure at a large trade show and trade at the Mama Magic shows in Durban and Cape Town. These were both successful.

The original business plan was to train up women to sew the nappies and sell them into the local community. The retail stock would be built up using these trained women. The idea was to avoid starting a factory and creating the necessity for nappy sewers to work from a factory environment. The project would be successful if all partners were able to stay at home, sew and sell their nappies and make a decent living and not have to travel hours and be away from their own children. Debbie was emphatic that each partner builds herself a business which can be operated from home…become a WAHM!

In order to maintain high quality and make an article which looked the same, the WAHM’s are able to purchase a kit from Moptails which has all the ingredients to make the nappy covers. Everything needed to complete the nappy is supplied in kit form. This then saves the WAHM having to travel to various stores looking for items to complete the nappy. She is also presented with a precut cover which has all the points marked for installing the snap fasteners, elastics and linings. Cutting the PUL fabric is quite difficult and tedious. This then means that a WAHM simply unpacks her kit and starts sewing. An efficient WAHM is currently able to complete 10 nappy covers a day. Selling these nappies then will give her an income above the average domestic salary.

Should you be interested in learning to make the nappies or training a member of staff please contact us for more details.


Cell number: 0846108711

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